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Both schools and government office buildings serve important roles. Naturally, it’s just as important to make sure that they’re clean as any other high-traffic building. Because of the function these buildings have, keeping them clean is a significant task, but many people understandably don’t have the time. Thankfully, there are government and school cleaning companies like Chappell’s Cleaning Services who can help. Available throughout the Virginia and Washington, DC area, Chappell’s offers school janitorial services that can keep your building in perfect condition. We’d be happy to discuss any of our government or school cleaning services with you; just give us a call to speak to one of our professionals today.

Our Professional Government and School Cleaning Services

At Chappell’s Cleaning Services, we respect our government workers and schoolteachers. Because of this, we want to make sure that they’re getting the government and school cleaning services they deserve. Some of these include:

  • Providing carpet cleaning services to keep them stain free.
  • Offering cleaning services to protect and restore tile, hardwood, and other flooring types.
  • Cleaning the grout between tiles.
  • Wiping down windows.
  • Preparing offices and school rooms for meetings or classes.
  • Removing garbage.
  • Cleaning bathrooms.
  • Providing general sweeping, mopping, and other government and school cleaning services.

We take great pride in what we do. We believe that a good cleaning job can truly enhance the look and feel of a building. It can most morale, improve health conditions, and make a good impression on others. That’s why we provide a thorough service that’s tailored to your needs. Whether you’d like someone to visit regularly to clean or just need a single room prepared, we can help. If you’re in the Virginia or Washington, DC area, then please get in contact. Get top-notch government and school cleaning services today.

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Thorough School Janitorial Services

You likely remember seeing the janitors working when you were a student. They may not have interacted much with other staff members, but they played an important role in keeping the school clean. They’d remove the trash, wipe down desks and whiteboards, vacuum, and provide other important services to prepare the school building for the following day. Many times, you may not have even been aware of how much they did. However, you would likely notice if you’d received subpar school janitorial services; garbage may still be in the bins, the floor may still be cluttered, and the desks may still be covered in grime.

Don’t settle for subpar school janitorial services. Get the school cleaning you need with Chappell’s Cleaning Services. Our team works behind the scenes, washing surfaces and cleaning up messes. This way, the regular school day isn’t disrupted, but you’re still getting the deep clean that you need. We take care to leave no spot untouched; if it needs cleaning, we’ll handle it.

We’re proud to serve the Virginia and Washington, DC area. When you’re searching for excellent school cleaning companies, consider contacting Chappell’s. Please get in contact today for a free quote.

Get One of the Best Government or School Cleaning Companies Today

Not all government and school cleaning companies are created equal. Some provide you with thorough cleaning but are rude and refuse to work with you. Others may be friendly and prompt, but their cleaning services leave a lot to be desired.

Thankfully, Chappell’s Cleaning Services meets both criteria. We have the skill and equipment to make sure your building is cleaned safely; at the same time, we’re also courteous and respectful to all of our clients. When you work with us, you get the quality cleaning service you deserve. Contact us for a free quote today.

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Pure Cleaning Initiative

We were recently selected under contract award, as one of your professional cleaning vendors for the Baltimore City Public Schools System.

To learn more about our pure cleaning initiative please review our press release in the attachment. We utilize carefully selected products designed to promote a healthy toxic free and great looking facility.  If you have a need for custodial services in your school, please consider Chappell’s
Cleaning Services.

In addition to our outstanding cleaning services, we have a strong supplier relationship that allows us to offer your school new free dispensers for toilet paper, soap and paper towels, that alone will improve your school look and feel. We are available to meet with you and your team to discuss the details. Please let us know your availability for a brief presentation. We will be in your area next week please let us know what day and time works best for you.
FYI: We invite you to visit us @ the links below to learn more about our company & services.



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What Our Clients Say

  • Dominique Crosby AvatarDominique Crosby

    Great experience! Professional, prompt, and friendly. Cleaned my carpet well without a hitch!! Would definitely use their services again. - 6/29/2018 

    Samuel Odagbodo AvatarSamuel Odagbodo

    Awesome cleaning team. They are always on time and easy to work with. Operating an Airbnb requires a very reliable and consistent cleaning team to... read more - 7/08/2018 

    Amelia Levenson AvatarAmelia Levenson

    Highly recommended cleaning service - when things didn't go well, Tanya acted quickly and made things right. Ive never had my home cleaned by anyone... read more - 7/09/2018 


    I Called Tonya on Wednesday and she was able to schedule me the very next day on Thursday for a move in/out deep cleaning project.... read more - 4/26/2018 

    Janay Smith AvatarJanay Smith

    Chappells Cleaning Service is great. The company maintain my home in between guest. No surface, no mirror, no window, no room goes untouched. If a... read more - 7/01/2018 


    They were prompt and ready to get to work. If you have any questions/issues they will resolve with professionalism and a great smile. The end... read more - 3/30/2018 

  • james walker Avatarjames walker

    I have used a couple of different cleaning companies and by far Tonya and her crew have been the best. They were very professional and... read more - 3/21/2018 

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